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Sweet Rapture is a website that provides translations of Mandarin Chinese song lyrics. The lyrics in traditional characters and Hanyu Pinyin (Romanized Chinese) form are also included.

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Lyrics Count: 65 songs.

Posting These Lyrics on the Internet

Credit is not needed for the lyrics in Chinese character form. However, if the lyrics in Hanyu Pinyin or English translation are posted anywhere on the Internet, credit must be given in the form of a link back to http://sr.soliloqui.com. Thank you.

Translator's Note

Translations are partially based on interpretation. Therefore, not all translations of the same song will be the same. Also, sometimes the meanings of words are altered to better suit the phrase in the English language. I claim no ownership over the original lyrics; my translations are for entertainment purposes only.

MP3 Rotation

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New Additions

2007-05-20: Kaira Gong - Bai Ge
2007-05-20: Melody Chiang - Fuqin Ni Shi Anjing De
2007-05-20: Evonne Hsu - Liang Ge Ren De Xia Xue Tian
2007-05-20: Chyi Chin - Bu Rang Wo De Yanlei Pei Wo Guo Ye
2007-05-20: Shin - Shijie Mo Ri
2007-03-16: F.I.R. - I Don't Care
2007-03-16: F.I.R. - Liulangzhe Zhi Ge
2007-03-16: Cherry Boom - Shi Yue

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